Welcome to MSW Online, an inclusive network of information for students and professionals seeking a Master of Social Work degree. We share relevant and convenient information about the profession of social work, as well as the variety of degree programs and specialties that are available.  Our website offers information for professionals at all stages of their careers, including considerations during your studies, career opportunities and resources for social workers, and much more.

Things to Consider While Studying for your MSW Degree

With more than 250 accredited master’s of social work programs, students have a variety of options when choosing the path that best fits their needs. We understand that many students who are looking for MSW degrees online will be nontraditional students who may be balancing jobs, families, and school, and we are glad to help ease that burden.  Most programs offer full time and part time options, as well as on campus and Online options to meet the needs of a variety of students. We provide information that will help students make the best out of their educational experiences, in brick and mortar schools, as well as in an online environment.  

Once a college program is selected, MSW Online can help those pursuing these degrees with Tips and Online Resources for Those Earning an MSW Degree, as well as information about the variety of  Concentrations  that are available, including, but certainly not limited to, gerontology, school social work, addictions, child welfare, and nonprofit management.

Opportunities and Resources for Social Workers with a MSW

Along with our information about attaining a MSW in Social Work, or website can be beneficial to students and graduates of the program in a variety of ways. Our research highlights a variety of Settings to Find a Job in Social Work, Government Social Work Jobs, and even High Paying Jobs available in the field.

Active social workers can find research and articles discussing how to be a Successful Social Worker and the Important Qualities for a Social Worker to Possess. Our website can even provide valuable and pertinent information such as what Professional Associations Social Workers Should Join and even some great iPad Apps for Social Workers to make the job more efficient.

Our goal is to assist students like you in attaining, completing, and appreciating all that a Master in Social Work has to offer in one convenient location. We hope you will find this information useful and access it often as you pursue your goals!


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