Can I Work in a School with a Social Work Degree?

Today’s social work degree does allow for some entry into careers within the education sector. What are some of the jobs in schools that accept this degree for their entry requirements? Follow along for the scoop on this valuable degree as well as the school work opportunities often opened by it.

The Social Work Degree – Core Benefits

First, it’s helpful to know the basics of what is provided by a social work degree that may also hold significant value in the educational world. To this effect, there are actually many areas of teaching within this degree program that prepare the learner for work in the educational realm. Some of those widely applicable skills include:

  • Psychology
  • Behavioral Science
  • Child and Adolescent Sciences
  • Social, Family Science
  • Communication
  • Case Management
  • Policy-making and Planning

School Administrator

School administrators come in many shapes and forms. Within this area of professionals are secretaries, assistants, managers, principals, district superintendents, analysts, planners, and many others. Those with a background of studies in social work often fit many of these roles quite nicely.

School Social Worker

School social workers are essentially social workers who work primarily with students, their families, and various community services in order to help students of various special needs and circumstances. These workers often move in and out of the school, home, and central office environs throughout the day and/or work week, all in the name of helping students gain access to tools to help themselves. Of additional appeal to many considering this field of work is the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites a dramatic increase in demand through 2026.

School Teacher

Teaching is an opportunity to utilize many skills earned in a social work degree while also helping to spread knowledge and ability to others. While not all teaching positions in the K-12 area of education accept this degree, many, in fact, happily do. The subject being taught, the school district, and several other factors play into regional acceptance. More information comparing K-12 teaching roles can be found at the BLS Similar Career page.

College, Postsecondary Professor

Yet another more assured job prospect in education for those with a social work degree is that of the postsecondary, or college professor. This professional may be found working in technical schools, universities, research institutes, and other locations, all in the name of teaching subjects and disciplines beyond the high school grade level. They may also teach in any number of individual subjects, as allowed per their employing establishment. Additionally, these professionals are expected by the BLS to see a great increase in demand in the coming years.

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Working in an educational environment is certainly a noble vocational pursuit. As world populations grow and exciting new sciences emerge and evolve, an abundance of workers in this field will be critical. While there are truly many more career options than this brief can sum-up, these are some of the basic and more assured options for those with a social work degree wanting to work in a school environment today.