Can I Work in a Social Service Agency with an MSW Degree?

Social services agency work and the MSW degree – how relevant to one another are they? Both social services work and the MSW degree are built around helping others and maintaining a healthy society. For more on the connections between these two, interrelated designates, read on.

Social Services Agency Work

Work in a social services agency is work that helps the community. Here, resources allotted by the government as well as charitable organizations are made available to those able to show a need. Workers here thus hear out applicants’ situations and then determine which services are right for them.

Aside from resource distribution, social service agencies and their workers do advocacy work, get involved in educational efforts for the community, and more. For example, one social services agency, at this very moment, is checking on the welfare of an at-risk child, helping to sign up a family for assistance who has recently lost everything, and is running a class on preventing the transmission of diseases – all at the same time and from the same facility.

The Master’s of Social Work Degree

As one may correctly impart from its name, the master’s of social work degree is a direct and perfect fit for social services agency work of nearly all kinds. Grads of this degree program are suited to benefits distribution, community outreach facilitation, educational efforts, applicant reviews and interview processes, and much more. The only areas this grad may not be able to work in the social services agency are building maintenance and information technology, or IT.

So, what are some of the finer points taught in the MSW degree that make grads so valuable in social services work? A look to some of the required coursework of this degree program can help one to see the skills and knowledge it sows into students. The following are examples of some of those courses students typically encounter.

  • Social Welfare Institutions, Policies & Services
  • Human Behavior & the Social Environment
  • Social Justice Policy
  • Social Work Practice
  • Research Methodology & Design
  • Advanced Research Practice
  • Social Work with Older Persons
  • Spirituality and Social Work
  • Social Work and Incarceration
  • Motivation & Change

Additional Resources

For those looking for even more information into the world of social work today or the MSW degree and its correlations, there are several, great resources one can reach out to at any time. The following organizations are thus highly recommended in these areas.

The National Association of Social Workers, or NASW for short, is known as the largest organization devoted to social work. Here, anyone can reach out for guidance, peruse important information, or even get involved in advocacy. The NASW also allows for several tiers of membership so that nearly anyone can become an active member.

The College Board is a non-profit organization devoted to general guidance in educational affairs. Whether it be help with understanding SAT rules or recommendations for college and course selections, The College Board is a reputable resource. Membership is only an option for site contributors and does not affect site use for the general visitor.

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Social services work is a unique and very rewarding calling. To be the very best candidate for a job here, there is one, top choice in degree programs. Certainly, there are other credentials that can gain one entry into social work today, but the MSW degree is the number-one way in and to the top in this industry.