What are Important Attributes of a Social Worker?

When deciding whether or not social work is the correct field for you, you may be wondering, “What are important attributes of a social worker?” You may be considering the field, but before you spend time and money working on a college degree for social work, you would be wise to consider whether or not this field is a good fit for your personality. If you have most of these traits, social work may be the perfect job for you.


Empathy is one of the most important attributes of a social worker; empathy helps you feel the way that others feel. If you are able to put yourself in the position of others, you possess great empathy. Empathy allows you to avoid judging others harshly and empowers you to reach out to help them when they do not know what else to do.


The job of a social worker, simply put, is just to help people who are struggling. When you’re a social worker, you will be able to reach people who are hurting and connect them with programs and individuals in the community who will help them out. Your job will largely consist of checking out problems in the families in the area and making sure that the needs of those families are being met by government programs and charitable organizations.


Sometimes people are in difficult places because of foolish decisions on their own part. Sometimes this can be discouraging to long-time social workers, so it is important to have great patience when dealing with people who are struggling. If you are very good about having patience with those who are frustrating, social work might be a good field for you.


Social workers sometimes see some troubling situations. A naturally cheerful, happy disposition can help you see the positive spots in an otherwise difficult day. If you are an optimist, your personality will help you avoid getting bogged down in the problems of other people.


A social worker who is not proactive, stepping up to do things that must be done, is not fulfilling his duties. According to Social Work Today, leadership skills like being decisive and stepping up to take responsibility for a situation are necessary to be an effective social worker. If you are good at weighing a variety of factors before you make a decision and you are not intimidated by decision making, you may be a great social worker.


The main purpose of a social worker is to help other people. This means that social workers need excellent interpersonal skills. Social workers who do best will cultivate their communication skills, friendliness, and openness to others. Sometimes social workers have to deliver hard news to people and deal with challenging circumstances. Those who are positive, kind, and gentle learn to do the tough parts of the job without putting people on the defensive.

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Becoming a social worker is may be an extremely gratifying way to put the natural gifts of your personality to work for you. Knowing the important attributes of a social worker can help you study for work that is fulfilling and enjoyable.