What is the NASW Career Center?

The NASW Career Center serves as an access point to a digital collection of information resources related to the field of social work. The online portal is offered and maintained by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) through their official website. The website and other digital resources are made available to active members as part of the organization’s mission to advance their field and profession. The NASW boasts a diverse membership throughout the United States and is one of the largest organizations dedicated to social work in the world.

General Information About the Profession

The career center isn’t just for full-fledged and active social workers, it also has a lot to offer individuals with a basic interest in the field. Users can explore the various degrees that can help them launch a career, the types of jobs available and opportunities for specialization or personal development. This section of the site also offers detailed descriptions of what kind of skills, characteristics and motivations are compatible with a career in social work. The site also outlines the credentialing and licensing process, which is a necessary step for career advancement.

Career Development Opportunities

Prospective and new social workers often seek out opportunities to develop their skills, share knowledge and express their views in a formal setting. These activities build experience and establish a professional reputation, which are both essential for long-term success. The NASW career center educates members about writing, research and presentation opportunities and how they can qualify for them. This includes access to the NASW Research Library, various industry publications and relevant statistical data, according to the National Association of Social Workers.

Support for Job Seekers

While demand for qualified social workers is expected to increase in the years ahead, there are still plenty of things applicants can do to increase their appeal and professional value. The career center offers guidance for those entering the workforce, including advice for successful interviews, practical resume tips and general insight into the career-building process. The site also helps connect applicants with open positions through NASW Joblink, which displays current employment opportunities for professional social workers in locations throughout the United States.

Resources for Employers

While most of the resources and tools available through the NASW site are geared towards students or active social workers, it also has a section specifically for employers seeking qualified professionals. This section connects employers with the Joblink utility and the National Health Care Network (NHCN) so they can post employment opportunities to national boards. The center also offers educational resources for employers who want to learn more about typical salaries, certifications and specializations of social work occupations.

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Even though social workers enjoy a stable job outlook and ample opportunity for career specialization, many work in demanding environments that test their emotional, intellectual and physical endurance. To truly succeed in the field, professionals need to connect with their peers, consistently develop their skills and build their personal character to address the many challenges they face during their career. The NASW Career Center should be one of the first digital destinations social workers visit for information, tips and resources regarding their profession.