Five Reasons to Earn an MSW Degree Online

Five Reasons To Earn An MSW Degree Online

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Accelerated Degree Options
  • Flat Tuition Rates For Online Programs
  • More Work Placement Opportunities
  • Become A Licensed Clinical Social Worker

There are more than a few reasons to earn an MSW degree online; indeed, the list can be endless. As the world continues to trend more to the internet as the source of education and work, the idea of an online graduate education is becoming more important. And with few people understanding what it’s like to be a social worker, it stands to reason that those in the profession would be helped by continuing their education while working. Here are some of the best reasons to pursue an online graduate education in the realm of social work.

Flexible Schedule

Online programs have a great reputation for offering flexibility in terms of scheduling that on-campus programs can’t offer. With asynchronous and synchronous programs, accelerated term schedules, and special terms available for online students, earning a degree through a virtual portal is the best way for busy professionals to get a graduate education while continuing in their current profession. Flexible schedules are also accompanied by full-time and part-time options, something that can be difficult for traditional students to have access to; most traditional graduate students are expected to go to school full-time, adding stress to their professional and personal obligations. The flexibility of an online program removes all of that, offering a less stressful way to earn a degree.

Accelerated Degree Options

While accelerated degree options are widely available for undergraduate online degrees, the same cannot be said for graduate degrees. However, many MSW programs are offering accelerated degree programs, meaning that students can finish their degree in 18 months or less. This is possible through year-round study, intensive sessions, summer school, and courses taking during J-term and Spring Break. Students may also find online cohort programs that work on shortened term schedules; this means that one course is taught every five weeks, allowing for a more intensive study on a shorter schedule.

Flat Tuition Rates For Online Programs

An interesting thing to note about graduate programs is that schools are beginning to roll out online flat tuition rates. These rates are the same for every student, regardless of residency, and can either come as a rate focused on credit hours or a flat tuition rate. Currently, flat tuition rates for programs are the most popular and can help students figure out the total cost for their degree based on tuition spikes, full-time and part-time study, and more. These rates tend to be less than in-state on-campus tuition rates because students don’t actually use campus facilities, providing them with a more affordable degree. In addition, several accredited programs work hand-in-hand with social work agencies and firms to provide lower tuition rates for ambitious students.

More Work Placement Opportunities

An incredible reason to earn an MSW online is the fact that more work placement opportunities will be available to students. This is because many of a program’s online students aren’t from the area, providing students with a less competitive field when looking for clinical experiences, practicums, or internships. While this is an advantage for many students, it also has an impact on the job search; students will have to work harder to find suitable work placements which must be approved by the program’s department prior to taking on the work placement. This means more work for the student, but in the end, it can help with further job searches because the student has already had to take the initiative to find suitable work.

Become A Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Social workers understand that they need a graduate degree in order to become a licensed clinical social worker, which is also known as the LCSW. Additionally, most states also require the successful completion of the MSW from an accredited school in order for graduates to become eligible to earn distinction as a licensed master social worker; this is also known as LMSW. A majority of online programs are also becoming accredited by the CSWE, also known as the Council on Social Work Education, enabling students who are looking for an online accredited education to find the programs that they need at affordable prices. This accreditation is important because it paves the way for graduate social work professionals to earn licensure, which is necessary for their career.

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Professionals who are looking to earn the MSW may not have to look far to find an online program that fits their needs. With more and more programs lining up to provide accredited graduate programs that offer flexible schedules and affordable tuition, it is possible that online education may become the new traditional route for social workers. Now that all professionals understand these five reasons to earn an MSW degree online, the only thing left to do is to find a program that fits the needs of the professionals interested in doing the work to earn the degree.