Are There Podcasts for Social Workers?

Are There Podcasts for Social Workers?

Many professionals wonder if there are podcasts for social workers; the answer is yes, social work podcasts do exist. Podcasts for social workers can be a great resource for any professional that may need a change of perspective or are interested in learning more about their field.
Here are a few benefits to listening to a social work podcast.


It is hard to count how many podcasts are out there; the list grows by the day, with more professionals turning to podcasts as an outlet for their frustrations, accomplishments, and more. Social work is a popular podcast topic, especially at the professional level, providing professionals with the opportunity to listen to another social work professional talk about their experiences in specialty fields. These podcasts are generally rooted to one type of social work, such as counseling or homelessness, and with so many different podcasts, a professional can find at least one that speaks to their specialty and their needs.

Personal Experience

Social work can be a challenging field, even for the most experienced professional. Caseloads tend to be large, there may not be enough budgeting for the programs needed for a program; burnout is also a concern, particularly for professionals who work with demographics that are consistently underserved by the government. Social work podcasts can provide great insight for these professionals because they most often include the personal experience of the host social worker. Topics can include burnout, the personal toll that cases may have on professionals, how to balance a professional’s personal life with work, and how to stay positive in the direst of circumstances.


Podcasts are a great option for professionals; these programs can be found on the Internet or downloaded to a slate or a smartphone. The programs can be listened to at any time of the day, including during a commute or when a professional is going to the gym. They also provide a variety of different perspectives that may change how a social worker approaches their work; this is most often the best-cited advantage of podcasts because some professionals are weighed down by their own perspective and may need to be gently nudged to a larger worldview.


Because social work is a large field, it is highly suggested that professionals take the time to listen to different podcasts. Personality plays a role in how often a social worker will listen to a podcast, so it may take a few programs that fit that professional’s needs. Specialty and general programs are available on a variety of applications, including iPhones, Android smartphones, and even on the Internet; some applications do cost money, so it is advised that professionals choose a free service before signing up for a subscription that they may never use. Professionals are also encouraged to look through the past programs for any particular podcast to see if they find issues and subjects that are important to them and their work prior to listening; the summaries of each episode will give them valuable insight on the direction of that podcast.

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Social workers are incredibly passionate and hard-working professionals. They are an invaluable part of ensuring that all Americans are looked after, regardless of their background or circumstance. That’s why podcasts for social workers exist. This should come as no surprise because the field is highly ranked by Forbes as one of the most meaningful jobs that pay well in America.