Five Great iPad Apps for Social Workers

5 iPad Apps that are Useful for Social Workers

  • The Savvy Social Worker
  • bSafe
  • BrainTest
  • Mobile Patrol
  • iGenogram

Social workers serve a variety of clients and work with people who are dealing with difficult circumstances, so they need a broad skill set and often use social work iPad apps to help supplement their knowledge and experience. While social workers generally do have their own office, a large part of the job involves visiting clients in their homes and traveling between facilities. Mobile devices allow them to easily bring relevant tools with them via these apps so that they can provide as many services as possible right from a client’s home. Some popular apps include the following.

1. The Savvy Social Worker

This app scans the internet for updates in the field of social work including academic research papers, technology advancements, and relevant events in the news. This helps professionals implement new methods soon after they are published without having to spend their free time scanning through different sites. The information is divided into different channels which feature a different topic like substance abuse, case management, psychotic disorders, or elder care in order to curate the content for the particular user. All sources have been vetted by the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, so professionals can trust the accuracy of the content.

2. bSafe

While most social workers do not encounter dangerous situations on a regular basis, there is some risk inherent with this kind of work. Depending on the particular position, a professional might spend the majority of a workday visiting clients’ homes. These clients can come from all parts of a community including high-crime areas, so some workplaces utilize safety iPad apps for social workers. One in particular, bSafe, provides employees with an easy way to signal that help is needed or that a situation is getting out of hand. With one tap, an alert followed by video and audio from the surroundings is streamed to a designated person who can then assess the situation and respond accordingly.

3. BrainTest

Many social workers serve the growing elderly population, ensuring that they have the necessary resources to stay in their own homes and facilitating appropriate placement when that is no longer possible. It can sometimes be difficult to judge a client’s mental state and ability even with the family’s input which is why objective tools for measuring cognition are useful. A team including neurologists and psychiatrists developed the clinically-tested BrainTest app to measure memory and thought processes. Social workers can easily administer this assessment to monitor their clients and ensure they have the appropriate level of care.

4. Mobile Patrol

This is another great mobile app for social workers, especially those working with clients on probation or parole. As it syncs with public records databases, professionals have easy access to clients’ potential arrest records or other contacts with law enforcement. This is also a useful tool for helping locate at-risk populations including the mentally ill or those suffering from addictions.

5. iGenogram

As U.S. News and World Report describes, the traditional family system is becoming rare as blended families increase. When a social worker enters this dynamic, it can be difficult to determine the exact relationship between their client and different family members. The app, iGenogram, provides an easy way to keep track of relatives and significant others as well as important information about custody and living arrangements.

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Social workers are faced with new challenges on a regular basis, so they need a variety of resources to help navigate different situations. With today’s technology, having handy iPad social work apps allows professionals to stay safe, use their time more efficiently, and serve clients in a timely manner.