Five Types of Government Social Work Jobs

5 Types of Government Social Work Jobs

5  Government Social Work Jobs

    • Case Workers
    • Group Therapy
    • Military Discharge
    • Law Enforcement
    • Administrative Tasks

While the idea of working for the government and being involved with social work might sometimes seem a bit of a stretch, there are many types of government social work jobs. If you’re interested in finding a way to perform a job that will directly affect the lives of the people you’re working with, you would be well-advised to look at a job working for the government. While some consider it a stretch, others see it as a perfectly natural way to create positive change.

Case Workers

In all areas involving individuals that are interacting with the government, a case worker is usually assigned. After all, it’s easier to get something done when you’re working with a person familiar with a situation, rather than having to constantly rehash whatever problems require resolution. Case workers are usually very emotionally intuitive and also have good problem-solving skills. Some of the problems needing to be resolved require creative thinking, making individuals who “think outside the box” strong candidates for this area.

Group Therapy

Many social workers deal with people working to overcome drug or alcohol problems. This usually involves some form of therapy, either individual or group. One of the ways a person involved with social work assists with group therapy is maintaining contact with the people in therapy, doing various administrative tasks, and generally overseeing the successful implementation of therapy programs. This kind of government social work opportunity literally has the potential to turn someone’s life around.

Military Discharge

As individuals prepare to leave the service, social workers can assist them with giving them information about entitlement benefits, educational opportunities, financial assistance, and even guide them through the process of obtaining loans in order to buy a home. This type of government social work employment has the benefit of helping those who have served their country take full advantage of every opportunity available to them.

Law Enforcement

The Department of Justice uses many social workers. In some cases, children are caught up in the legal system and social workers are assigned to help these children. The social workers involved sometimes become the children’s advocates, and can be the voice for those who might not otherwise be heard.

Administrative jobs

Just about every government office has a need for people with strong administrative skills. Social workers will often take charge of a department, making sure that paperwork is properly processed, that complaints are handled in a timely and efficient manner, and generally being overseers on projects requiring supervision and creative insight.

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While some might balk at participating in a government social work job, Paul Klein, a contributor to Forbes Magazine, pointed out the social changes being driven in today’s society are being powered by younger students wanting to make a change. Change comes about when individuals, working for a collective good, do whatever it takes to make a positive contribution — and moving for positive changes while working at a government job in a socially aware environment is one way to see those change occurs.