Is Having a Concentration Important for MSW Programs?

Concentrations for MSW Programs

When you are pursuing your master’s degree in social work, you may want to spend a little bit of extra time in the classroom and add a concentration to your degree program. A concentration is basically a more detailed and focused area of study that will teach you more specific information on the topic of your choosing. There are usually a number of different concentrations you can choose from when it comes to a Master’s in Social Work. While it is not completely necessary to pick a concentration in order to graduate, it can help you when you pick your career path. You will be able to find a job that is tailored to what you are passionate about and have the knowledge to do so. Let’s take a look at some different concentrations that you can consider, depending on the university you are attending.

Child and Family Services

This concentration focuses on a healthy family structure amongst the population as a whole. As a profession, you will take a close look at individuals both at the adult level and at the child level. You will determine what they may need in order to have a safe and nurturing home. Sometimes, a child may need to be removed from a home in order for everyone to seek the assistance that they need. You deal with the family court system and you may find this field of work very rewarding.

The Aging Process

As a person ages, they may be in need of various forms of assistance. They may be hospitalized and are unable to return home. They may have suffered a fall or illness that requires them to enter a rehabilitation center for a bit. Their family may reach out to you in order to receive help with their aging family member if they are unable to decide what their best option is. In this concentration you will learn about various resources available in your area and the different aspects of aging.

School Social Work

Providing mental health assistance within a school setting is very important. When you work in this field you will be working closely with young adults. In this concentration of study, you will learn about all of the specialized skills that you will need to work on a productive level with students as well as their families and their teachers.

Mental Health

You might be interested in helping people with their mental health but not from the perspective of a psychologist or psychiatrist. You can work within the social work field, achieve a master’s degree in social work, and concentrate on mental health to provide things like grief counseling, behavioral therapy, postpartum depression support, and much more.

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By way of various classes and coursework, you can learn a lot from a concentration in social work at a master’s level. There are so many different reasons why a social work professional is needed and there are many different locations that you can work in. Whatever you choose, you will find this to be very rewarding as you help people achieve their goals and lead functional and healthy lives. If you are unsure what concentration you should consider, you can always meet with an academic advisor at your university, or with a professor that you trust and have a good relationship with.