Is the GRE Required for All MSW Programs?

GRE Requirements for MSW Programs

If you’re interested in becoming a social worker, you may wonder if the GRE is required for all MSW programs. Students wishing to pursue advanced education beyond a four-year degree often hear about needing to take this admissions exam prior to being accepted into a graduate school program. While it’s a common requirement, it’s not always a necessity. Keep reading to learn more about the test and whether it’s necessary in order to get into a Master’s of Social Work program.

About the GRE

GRE stands for Graduate Records Exam. This is a standardized test, much like the SAT many post secondary institutions require for admission. It’s a three-part examination that can be taken in paper form or on a computer. The test is made up of three sections. These are verbal, quantitative and analytical writing. When taking the computerized version, the exam will adapt to the test taker’s answers, meaning it will offer more advanced questions as correct answers are given. There is a section dedicated exclusively toward completing a written essay. A math section also exists. The third exam section is comprised of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions meant to assess verbal knowledge.

Purpose of the GRE

The Graduate Records Exam is meant to assess a student’s readiness for graduate school. It’s not geared specifically toward any specific subject area. Rather, many graduate level programs require the assessment in order to know whether an applicant possesses skills in critical thinking, verbal reasoning, written communication and basic mathematics, among others. Graduate school is usually quite academically rigorous. Not all students possess the academic background and fortitude to excel in such an environment. This exam provides admissions representatives with a better picture into each student’s propensity toward academic success.

The GRE and MSW

Advanced study in social work requires all of these types of skills. Therefore, a GRE may be required for an MSW program, according to¬†the BLS. However, this isn’t always the case. Not all MSW program require that applicants take the GRE. Those who have a lower grade point average or other questionable experience might be asked to take the exam in order to provide evidence that they’re ready to take on graduate-level coursework. Those who are lacking in an intensive practicum experience may also benefit from taking and scoring well on the Graduate Records Exam. Basically, anyone who could use a boost in their credentials may wish to invest in taking the GRE in order to demonstrate academic ability and excellence. Some specific institutions may require the GRE as an admissions requirement for their MSW programs, but it definitely isn’t necessary for acceptance into all programs across the country.

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It’s impossible to know if this assessment exam is needed for a program without checking their specific requirements online or with an admissions representative. Each school is different. Some students may benefit from taking the exam in order to boost their chances of admissions, and sometimes schools will require individual students to undergo the GRE if they are lacking in credentials somehow. However, as a rule, the GRE isn’t required for all MSW programs across the United States.