What Does a Family and Child Social Worker Do?

A family and child social worker performs a number of important duties that help children and families in the struggles of life. It sounds like an excellent career path to many students, but like all career options it is important to understand exactly what the job entails. What follows is a guide for the various tasks family and child social workers perform.

They Rescue Children From Abuse

Many social workers work with families where abuse is taking place. In some cases, their job may be to counsel the family or start the removal of the child from their care altogether. These situations can be rather thorny and often involve some level of risk, but social workers brave it anyway for the sake of children who need their help. This does not just include intentional abuse but also working with children whose parents live below the poverty line and are unable to provide proper care. This can include a child not getting proper nutrition or being left alone for long periods of time.

They Help Reunite Parents And Children

Social workers also do the opposite of removing children from the care of a parent who is abusive or otherwise unable to care for the child. They work with parents as well to help them get to the point where they can successfully care for their child once more. When that happens, the child is placed back in their care. Social workers want what is in the best interest of both the parent and the child, and if the child can be returned, they are happy to do so. As the U.S. News & World Report states, social workers also facilitate adoptions of children whose parents have given up parental rights and place children in foster homes that are a good match.

They Educate Families

Family and child social workers also serve a role as educators. They teach their clients about a number of aspects of social work, particularly regarding legal information. While most social workers are not legal professionals, they do work extensively within the court system and have a strong familiarity with the laws that impact the work they do. Social workers need to then be able to explain these topics to their clients in a way that is easy to understand. They need to make sure their clients understand the issues facing them so they have the best chance possible to improve their lives. This educational duty includes being able to speak to children about issues, some very mature, in a manner that is appropriate for their age.

They Counsel Children And Families About Disabilities

A family and child social worker also aids children and families who struggle with disabilities. This includes working with the child’s educators and parents to ensure the child is getting the help and support he or she needs at school and at home. These disabilities can include learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, physical disabilities and more. Social workers also help children deal with bullying, problems at school and other issues that children may be forced to contend with.

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Social workers often have a challenging yet rewarding career. They spend their days helping people, particularly the most vulnerable in society. Family and child social workers provide a number of necessary services to ensure both children and their families are given the best chances in life.