What is an MSSA (Master of Science in Social Administration)?

The master of science in social administration, or MSSA, prepares students for top-level work in today’s social services career. What skills and knowledge are taught in this program, and what work does it prepare the student for? Here’s the scoop.

The MSSA: Skills and Knowledge Taught

The MSSA is designed to prepare students for all of the highest levels of social work careers. This means that grads of this degree are well prepared to work in the highest ranks of managerial work in social work job settings. Supervisor roles, managerial positions, and even government oversight roles in social work all become available to this degree’s grad.

As to the particular skills and knowledge taught in this degree, one can expect to learn virtually everything about social work today and its administration, all the way to the top. Grads of this degree will become acutely familiar with social work organization methods, hierarchy, individual roles, all social work processes, and even proper ethics throughout. With a propensity to leadership, the grad will understand the entirety of social work applications across all types of political and social landscapes.

To gain an even better look at what exactly one can expect to learn in this degree program, a look to some of its required courses is very helpful.

Death, Grief, and Loss

Death, grief, and loss are some of society’s most powerful emotions. Students taking this course will learn of the wide range of losses that can affect individuals and societies as well as the coinciding factors to help those suffering to move on and adapt from such occurrences. Effective social work must be able to handle this area of human and social concern, and this course sets the tone for that ultimate preparedness as a social worker.

Oppression and Privilege in a Multicultural Society

Oppression and privilege define equality and inequality in all societies. This course teaches the future social work professional exactly how these factors work and how to best handle them in every client and situation served. The achievement of equality is the ultimate goal, and knowing how to encourage that status all across the service area is paramount.

Poverty, Wealth Building, and Social Entrepreneurship

This course focuses on the routes out of poverty situations for those who are impoverished. How does one climb out of the seemingly unending trap of poverty once there? What are some of the obstacles to improving such a situation as well as assisting components to getting out of poverty? Here, students learn some of the best tips, tricks, and resources so that they may go on to help the community’s most impoverished to maximum benefit.

Drugs and Youth

Today, we are facing a drug epidemic, with opioids leading the assault. Youth in the US are particularly vulnerable to the effects of these drug issues, as not only they themselves can become users but also their family members and surrounding support groups. This course teaches the future social work pro the important facts that drive this current issue in addition to how they can best battle it once working in the field.

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Today’s MSSA prepares students for the utmost top-level work among social work systems right now. With this degree, the grad can work at virtually any level, with proficiency, in the wide world of social work. In conclusion, for those seeking further information or resources on social work or the provisions of today’s MSSA, The National Association of Social Workers is an industry-leading group with which to inquire.