Delaware State University Online MSW

delaware-state-universityDelaware State University Social Work, MSW

Program Options: Full- and Part-Time

Tuition: $7,532 per year

Acceptance Rate: 43.7 percent

GRE Required: Yes

1-year/Accelerated Option: No

Campus Visits Required: No

Field Hours: 12 credit hours

CSWE Accredited: Yes (2004)

Application deadline: May 31 for Advanced Standing; June 30 for Fall


Originally established as the Delaware College for Colored People, Delaware State University was established by the Delaware General Assembly in 1891. The school was established under the Morrill Act which created land-grant colleges for blacks in order to meet the “separate but equal” educational requirement. Trustees used an initial state appropriation to purchase property in Dover just north of the state capital. At the time, there was already a Delaware College, which eventually became the University of Delaware, so the name was changed to the State College for Colored Students to avoid confusion. The name was changed again to Delaware State College in 1947. It gained university status in 1993.

Education Connection ranked Delaware State University as one of the top online universities in 2017. In 2015, the school became one of the first historically black colleges to develop a no-smoking policy. In 2017, the school received the ACAS Health Leadership Award in recognition. US News and World Report ranked the school 13th among Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The Master of Social Work program is available in an online format and prepares students for advanced generalist practice. Students develop an understanding of social, economic, political and interpersonal problems with a global perspective. The program prepares them for careers not only in Delaware but also throughout the region, nation, and world. The program consists of foundation courses that provide a generalist view as well as advanced courses that build upon that foundation. The Social Work program at Delaware State University has the largest enrollment of any program at the university.


Students develop an understanding of how poverty, health issues, racism and oppression can impact individuals, families and communities. Students are able to generalize knowledge and skills in an effort to address issues in diverse populations. Graduates are able to engage, assess, intervene and evaluate those who are dealing with trauma, stress or emotional issues. The program provides a strong understanding of personality and psychology theories. Graduates are prepared for positions in public social welfare and governmental agencies as well as public and nonprofit corporations.


Only the Advanced Generalist Practice concentration is available through the online Master of Social Work program at Delaware State University.

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Program Requirements

Students who wish to enter the online Master of Social Work program at Delaware State University should be motivated and interested in helping others. They must be creative, responsible and able to work independently. Students must be able to manage sexual, racial, ethnic, physical, social and cultural diversity as well as have a capacity for self-introspection and change. Students are prepared to understand diverse perspectives with a focus on empowering others. Students are provided values and ethics in order to promote social justice with populations who are at risk. Students graduate with the ability to address social issues in different settings where people may experience multiple, complex problems.

Admissions Requirements

In order to enter the online Master of Social Work program at Delaware State University, students must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university. A background in social and behavioral sciences is preferred. Applicants must complete an online graduate application packet. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be provided. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale and a “B” average in their major field of study. Official GRE scores that are not more than five years old are required. Applicants must provide a personal statement that explains why they want an MSW degree and how they plan to use the degree to improve the lives of others. The statement cannot be more than two typed pages, double-spaced and must be in the 12-point Times Roman font. Three letters of recommendation are also required from individuals who can provide information about the student’s academic ability, moral character and desire to succeed. Credit is not awarded for life or work experiences.


Delaware State University has 222 faculty members serving 19 departments. The student-to-faculty ratio is 16:1 and 195 faculty members hold terminal degrees in their field. Dr. Marsha Taylor Horton, dean of the College of Education, Health and Public Policy served as the associate secretary of Assessment and Accountability for the Delaware Department of Education, helping to coordinate and redesign the statewide student assessment system.

Online Courses

The online Master of Social Work at Delaware State University requires the following courses:

  • Administration, Management & Supervision
  • Advanced Generalist Practice I , II, III & IV
  • Generalist Practice I & II
  • Human Behavior & the Social Environment I & II
  • Practice & Program Evaluation
  • Research & Evaluation I & II
  • Social Welfare Policies & Services I & II
  • Theories of Personality & Adult Psychopathology

Students must also complete 12 credits in field practice. Because the school is a historically black college, courses are taught with a focus on issues faced by blacks, although other minority issues are included as part of the curriculum.


Students at Delaware State College are expected to view internships as part of the collegiate experience. Internships provide students with an opportunity to gain technical assistance. Students at Delaware State University may find social work internships at Delaware Health and Human Services, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Kent General and Bayhealth Hospitals, private business and school districts. Internships may be paid or unpaid, depending on the business that offers the position.


Name: Dr. Marsha Taylor Horton, Ph.D., Dean

Phone: 302-857-6060


Delaware State University’s Master of Social Work program is available in a completely online format that allows working adults to achieve their higher education goals. The program is flexible, allowing students to work at hours that fit into their schedule. Delaware State University online is an excellent option for those who may have obligations that prevent them from attending traditional classroom settings so that they may move into a new career or advance in a current career.